Difference Between Wet and Dry Laboratories

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Difference Between Wet and Dry Laboratories When designing a laboratory space it is important to understand what type of work will be conducted. There are many types of laboratories and each has its own requirements. Some labs require very strict environment controls and others to prevent moisture damage and where others might not need a multistep process before entering a room. A laboratory can be categorized into a basic level, wet lab, and dry lab.
Advantages and Disadvantages of an Open Laboratory Floor Plan Open plan or open floor plan is defined as any floor plan which makes use of large, open spaces and minimizes the use of small, enclosed rooms. A term used in architectural and interior design, open plan is a trending approach at designing an interactive workspace with fewer walls. Laboratories have embraced this new concept to promote collaborative team-based research. Multidisciplinary teams share space and equipment
Benefits of Modular Laboratory Furniture Traditional laboratory furniture can be difficult to rearrange when a labs floor plan needs to adjust. Traditional casework is typically fixed to the floor using floor mounts making it a huge process to rearrange furniture with ease, hindering lab efficiency. The introduction of flexible or modular lab furniture now allows laboratory personnel to easily reconfigure a labs floor plan without any heavy lifting What is modular laboratory furniture? Modular laboratory

How to Choose the Best Computer Lab Furniture

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How to Choose the Best Computer Lab Furniture Students spend countless hours studying, researching and learning in computer labs. With the integration of technology into the school curriculum, it is obvious that the computer lab would be the center of all computing activity. In order to increase student productivity, it is vital to consider comfort, convenience, space, and collaboration. Finding the best computer lab furniture can prove to be a challenge. Here are three things
4 Materials to Consider for a Laboratory Countertop If you are in the process of constructing or renovating a laboratory this might be the perfect time to decide on the right countertops for your lab. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right material to use for your countertops, such as price, durability, and longevity. But two important factors are the type of environment and what type of work will take place on