Modern Furniture and Casework Article

Modern Furniture and Casework

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Modern Furniture and Casework Modern furniture and casework are designed to provide a clean and minimalistic look to match your design aesthetic. The modular form-factor of modern furniture allows you to maximize space easily, without limiting the functionality of the casework or furniture. Modern furnishings can be constructed of a range of contemporary materials such as stainless steel and plastic to traditional materials such as wood to provide a durable, eco-friendly and customizable option to
Welcome to EZAB Lab Furnishing Inc. Laboratory Furniture EZAD Lab Furnishing’s industrial stainless-steel cabinets and furnishings are an essential piece of equipment for a range of commercial and research applications. To meet clean room and food safety standards, stainless steel provides a great balance between cleanliness and robustness. As a non-porous material, stainless steel can’t absorb moisture or harbor any dirt, bacteria, and viruses, making it easy to disinfect and capable of operating in corrosive