Benefits of a Chemical Resistant Countertop Chemical resistant countertops also are known as chemical resistant work surface are commonly found in research and school laboratories but are also used in home kitchens and healthcare & medical facilities. Chemical resistant material is available in a variety of resistant levels, this makes selecting the right countertop material crucial to your work environment. Let’s take a look at the advantages of using a chemical resistant countertop and types
Healthcare & Medical Storage Solutions Hospitals and medical facilities are fast-paced work environments that require supplies to be easily accessible when they are needed. The lack of organization and proper supply storage can cause unneeded stress on staff. The organization in healthcare is key to allow nurses and other staff members to quickly and efficiently find supplies. A strategic and well-designed storage solution helps hospitals and healthcare facilities stay organized, improve patient care, and save

6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Workstation Ergonomics

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6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Workstation Ergonomics Today’s technology has improved our way of working allowing employees to conduct almost all of their work without ever leaving their desk. However, this fixed position bears negative effects on our health. Many of us spend seven or more hours sitting at our workstation every day, but the human body is not designed to sit in a fixed position for long periods of time. This action leads
Food Technology Classroom Design Over recent years, a growing concern over obesity in children has increased the awareness of healthy eating in school. Lessons on healthier diet choices and the basics of cooking are being taught to students in hopes to encourage a healthier lifestyle. With the increase in healthier eating, schools are revamping their food technology classrooms to appeal to more students. When designing a new food technology classroom, there are three main points

Preventing Healthcare Acquired Infection

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Preventing Healthcare Acquired Infection The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) estimates 1.7 million infections and 99,000 deaths each year in the United States alone due to Healthcare-acquired Infections (HAIs). All patients visiting a hospital are susceptible to contracting an infection. Children, elderly and people with immune deficiency are more at risk of being infected. Many people visit a healthcare facility seeking treatment for an existing illness, not to leave with a new infection. This can