Modular Cleanrooms

Ezad Cleanrooms™  a division of EZAD Lab Furnishing Inc.  Specializing in the design and manufacturing of modular cleanrooms.

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Hardwall Cleanrooms are modular system includes wall panels mounted onto coated steel frames to build a durable cleanroom. They are easily assembled  and can be expanded. Hardwall modular cleanrooms are ideal for pharmaceutical,  microelectronics, semiconductor and medical device industries.


  • Robust, Impact Resistant and Durable
  • ISO 7 Cleanroom to ISO 5 Cleanroom
  • Class 10000 , Class 1000 and Class 100 Cleanroom
  • Clear window panels allow external staff to oversee the internal cleanroom process

Softwall Modular Cleanrooms are consist of powder coated steel and vinyl wall curtains provide a great solution to clean manufacturing process in the packaging, semiconductor and medical device industry while reducing the costs. Softwall cleanroom enclosures are smaller – making them portable and perfect for low space laboratories.


  • Robust, Impact Resistant and Durable
  • ISO 7 Cleanroom
  • Class 10000 Cleanroom
  • Compact & Portable Enclosure


Cleanroom is designed in such a way that the number of airborne particles introduced into the room or originated through a process are kept to a minimum as specified in each IOS class. The temperature, humidity, and pressure can be controlled as required.

A cleanroom is a sterile environment in which contaminants such as dust, airborne germs, and aerosol particles are filtered away to provide the purest possible environment.

Cleanrooms utilize either HEPA or ULPA filters to ensure particulate-free air. Airflow systems are laminar or unidirectional in which filtered air is moving downward (or horizontal direction in some applications.)

The air is evacuated via filters mounted on the cleanroom walls near the floor or via elevated perforated floor panels.

Modular Cleanroom

Types of Cleanroom

We offer two types of modular cleanrooms: softwall and hardwall.

Softwall cleanrooms are built around steel structure. Their walls are soft, transparent vinyl for walls and entrances.

Hardwall cleanrooms utilize solid panels for the walls and ceilings of the cleanroom. The panels available in different materials, but most hardwall cleanrooms are acrylic. We also offer Static dissipative PVC for ESD safe environment and electro static sensitive application

Hardwall Cleanroom

Hardwall Cleanroom - Custom Modular Laboratory Furniture - EZAD Cleanrooms

Softwall Cleanroom

Softwall Cleanroom - Custom Modular Laboratory Furniture - EZAD Cleanrooms