Stainless Steel Framed Glass Swinging Tall Case

EZAD Lab Furnishing specializes in modular laboratory and cleanroom furniture. Our stainless steel framed glass swinging tall cases are durable and corrosion resistant. Mainly used in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Laboratory, Research, and Commercial industries.

We offer a wide variety of configuration to choose from. Our products are available in stainless steel and painted steel. We guarantee premium work at an affordable price as we believe that quality shouldn’t be expensive and should be in the access of everyone.

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Product SKU Width Height Depth Top
SSC-TCBGL-24 24″ 84″ 18″ Flat
SSC-TCBGLST-24 24″ 84″ 18″ Sloped

Product SKU Width Height Depth Top
SSC-TCBGR-24 24″ 84″ 18″ Flat
SSC-TCBGRST-24 24″ 84″ 18″ Sloped

Product SKU Width Height Depth Top
SSC-TCBG-30 30″ 84″ 18″ Flat
SSC-TCBG-36 36″ 84″ 18″ Flat
SSC-TCBG-48 48″ 84″ 18″ Flat
SSC-TCBGST-30 30″ 84″ 18″ Sloped
SSC-TCBGST-36 36″ 84″ 18″ Sloped
SSC-TCBGST-48 48″ 84″ 18″ Sloped

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