Benefits of Modular Laboratory Furniture

Benefits of Modular Laboratory Furniture

Traditional laboratory furniture can be difficult to rearrange when a labs floor plan needs to adjust. Traditional casework is typically fixed to the floor using floor mounts making it a huge process to rearrange furniture with ease, hindering lab efficiency.

The introduction of flexible or modular lab furniture now allows laboratory personnel to easily reconfigure a labs floor plan without any heavy lifting

What is modular laboratory furniture?

Modular laboratory furniture can be disassembled and pieced out or easily rolled to a new location with its fixed locking caster wheels to create a new optimized floor plan. This type of furniture is designed to provide a flexible and adaptable solution when needed.

What are other benefits of modular laboratory furniture?


Modern casework is designed and constructed using high-quality material to withstand impact, moisture, and chemicals ensuring it will last for many years. Its durability is suited for many laboratory environments.

Ergonomic Design

Designed with the human in mind, modular laboratory furniture is built to prevent repetitive stress injuries keeping your staff comfortable, safe and productive while working.

Space Saver

In today’s shrinking lab space, flexible casework can be pieced together or separate to fit your space. You are no longer limited by traditional fixed casework. If your lab space grows, additional modules can be ordered to grow with your new layout.

Reconfiguration Options

As mentioned, modular furniture allows lab personnel to easily reconfigure or customize a labs floor plan with ease. An endless layout can be created with individual modules. If for any reason your lab is relocating to a new facility, modules can easily be moved around to a new location.

Cost Effective

Let’s get into the question many ask. Is modular lab furniture more expensive than fixed casework?

The answer: It varies

Unlike traditional casework, individual cabinets and drawers can be ordered or customized to your lab needs. The price will vary on how many modules are ordered.

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