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Difference Between Wet and Dry Laboratories

When designing a laboratory space it is important to understand what type of work will be conducted. There are many types of laboratories and each has its own requirements. Some labs require very strict environment controls and others to prevent moisture damage and where others might not need a multistep process before entering a room. A laboratory can be categorized into a basic level, wet lab, and dry lab.

Let us get into answering what is a wet and dry laboratory.

Wet Lab
Wet Laboratories or Wet Labs is a sort of laboratory where researchers handle chemicals and other potentially hazardous liquids. This includes gaseous substances. These types of laboratories are carefully designed and equipt with lab workbenches, sinks, fume hoods and other safety equipment to avoid spillage and contamination.

Dry Lab
Researchers in a dry lab environment will deal less with hazardous chemicals and conduct experiments on large powerful computer systems for analyzing data.