How to Choose the Best Computer Lab Furniture

How to Choose the Best Computer Lab Furniture

Students spend countless hours studying, researching and learning in computer labs. With the integration of technology into the school curriculum, it is obvious that the computer lab would be the center of all computing activity. In order to increase student productivity, it is vital to consider comfort, convenience, space, and collaboration.

Finding the best computer lab furniture can prove to be a challenge. Here are three things to consider before purchasing lab furniture.


Providing students with classroom furniture that functional and comfortable enough to keep a student focused is key. The most basic comfort a school can provide its students is a comfortable chair. There is no longer a reason why students should be sitting on hard chairs for hours.

Convenience & Space

In the past, a computer lab was designed with tables positioned along the perimeter of the room. This was done to allow multiple computers to access the same power source and an Ethernet connection. This layout also allowed teachers to monitor students. The introduction of wifi and Ethernet switches and computer lab monitoring software now allows a lab to be designed an open-plan layout. Smaller spaces can utilize modular furniture, while larger spaces can have a mixture of fixed and modular furniture.


Modern computer lab tables have optional caster wheels that allow teachers and students to easily rearrange tables to the desired layout. This can encourage collaboration and move away from fixed cubicle like a workstation.

Carful consider your options when designing or remodeling a computer lab keep these three things in mind; comfort, convenience & space, and collaboration.