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Modern Furniture and Casework

Modern furniture and casework are designed to provide a clean and minimalistic look to match your design aesthetic. The modular form-factor of modern furniture allows you to maximize space easily, without limiting the functionality of the casework or furniture. Modern furnishings can be constructed of a range of contemporary materials such as stainless steel and plastic to traditional materials such as wood to provide a durable, eco-friendly and customizable option to traditional furnishings.

One of the many benefits associated with modern furniture and casework is their modular components that can provide flexibility, durability, and affordability for furnishing any room in your home or business. Whether the room is small, medium or large, modern furniture can be designed to fit a wide range room sizes, shapes, and layouts. Modular furniture and casework are assembled from modular components that allow for units to added or removed for a range of configurations. In the case of damage, instead of having to replace the entire unit, components and sections can be replaced.

Modular Furniture

The modularity of modern furniture attributes to the overall lower cost of modern modular casework and reduces the waste associated with replacing damaged furniture. Additionally, components are constructed in factories using high tech machinery to provide accuracy and speed. This reduces the amount of material, labor, and costs associated with traditional furnishings while increasing the available options for customization and turn around time. Lastly, since modern modular furniture is constructed of standardized components, it reduces the time required to assemble the furniture. Often, units can be assembled and arranged on site using the setup guide and little to no experience.

Modern furniture, more specifically stainless-steel casework and furniture offer an eco-friendly option for furnishing your home or office. As individuals become more conscious and aware of their carbon footprint, many are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to wood and plywood constructed furniture. Furniture and casework constructed out of metal, such as stainless steel, can be constructed with less material while providing the similar or greater strength and durability. In comparison, wood-based alternatives such as particleboard and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) are ideal for medium loads and single-use applications since they tend to break down during transportation.

Lastly, modern furniture can be easily ordered from the comforts of your home due to the modularity and construction of modern furniture and casework. Many online retailers and manufacturers can provide reduced shipping costs due to the compact packaging of the flat pack or ready-to-assemble furniture. The furniture is shipped as dissembled components and is generally easy to assemble using household tools or tools included with the packaging. This limits dependence on truck shipping and provides a lot of variety in terms of furniture selection.

Modern furniture and casework are ideal for the modern lifestyle. They are a functional and affordable option when to compared to traditional home and office furnishings. Additionally, modern furniture can be easily modified to suit specification, budget and room size. You are guaranteed to find a tailored solution to your furnishing needs.