School Laboratory Casework

School Laboratory Casework

Is wood casework best for a school laboratory?

Wood casework has been used in the construction of many K-12 schools and Universities laboratories. Traditional wood casework has provided schools with a sturdy and affordable solution when furnishing a new lab. As with many casework build material, wood has pros and cons. This article will cover the advantages and disadvantages of wood casework in hopes to provide you with the best information when purchasing new laboratory furniture.


Durability is important when choosing laboratory casework. Wood is capable of withstanding moderate impact damage and is chemical resistant to many types of chemicals. The downside of wood material being used for casework is it can easily be scratched and is prone to water and humidity damage. The human factor should also be considered as part of the casework durability. Kids in middle and high school may be rowdy and cause damage to lab furniture. Wood can easily be fixed, but any damage unnoticed can harbor bacteria, moisture and humidity damage.


Cleaning and maintaining a wood countertop is fairly simple. Soapy water and a soft cleaning cloth are enough to keep this material clean. Mineral oil or wood sealant can be used once a month to protect the wood surface. As mentioned above, bacteria can creep into the wood pores causing the spread of bacteria/viruses around the lab. Proper cleaning procedures should be taken to keep a school laboratory clean from bacteria.


Wood casework has been used in commercial office settings, laboratories, and residential kitchens. Wood furniture gives off a warm and welcoming feel to an environment. Unlike its counterpart, stainless steel casework gives a sterile hospital feel.

Cost Effective

Cost for wood lab casework will vary. Depending on custom size and finishes cost can increase by 20% to 25%. Consult with the person in charge of the schools budget to determine your laboratory furnishing needs.

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