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Why is Quality Medical Casework Important

Why Is Quality Medical Casework Important

Simple in nature, healthcare casework may not be a necessity in a life and death situation but it should not be overlooked. Casework is primarily used to store tools and supplies in a hospital setting.

So, what is the importance of high-quality medical casework?

There are two things to consider when purchasing casework for a healthcare environment, hygienic and durable.


Hospital staff may interact with cabinets, drawers and other casework daily. Having a solid non-porous surface that can be easily cleaned and maintained can prevent bacteria, infection, and dirt from spreading. Casework built with porous material is not suitable for the healthcare setting. Staff and patients can contract HAI’s (healthcare-associated infections) while staying in a facility with inadequate casework. An example of a non-porous is stainless steel. Stainless steel casework is widely used in medical, surgical and healthcare environments because of its hygiene properties.


With staff interacting with casework daily, it is important that cabinet and drawers function correctly and withstand daily use. Low-quality casework may deteriorate causing drawers to jam or even fall apart. High-quality casework provides a robust product that will last a lifetime.

There are many choices for casework solutions, but not all are created equal or suitable for healthcare facilities. Casework may not directly relate to a patients health, but plays a subtle part maintaining a clean functional environment. Before purchasing healthcare casework, consult a professional on the quality of their product.

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